Advocate Riad Al-Shakaa & Associates Law Firm

Advocate Riad Adel Ahmad Al-Shakaa

Bachelor of Law / Cairo University in 1970

Advocate Fares Mustafa Fares Al-Shakaa

Bachelor of Law / Damascus University in 1979

Advocate Osama Riad Adel Al-Shakaa

Bachelor of Law / The University of Jordan in 1999

About Us

Advocate Riyad Al-Shakaa & Associates Law Firm was established since 1972 to provide legal consultations with high efficiency over more than three decades of time. The Law Firm consists of three advocates as partners in the Law Firm, in addition to the trainees and the administrative staff; the Law Firm is able to provide all the different and various legal services for international and local companies as well as individuals, including: –

  • To pursue banking matters of all kinds, to follow up consultations, to draft and review the auditing of bank contracts, and all issues related to the daily work of a number of banks.
  • To pursue insurance matters of various kinds and all related contracts and consulting.
  • To register national and foreign companies, and to following up the daily legal, financial and administrative business of these companies.
  • To provide legal advice related to local and international contracts and agreements, and preparing such agreements of all kinds.
  • To register trademarks and trade names, and pursue the emerging and related matters before all concerned authorities.
  • To register and pursue commercial agency matters of various kinds.
  • To pursue the various types of civil, administrative, penal and labor cases before all concerned courts, authorities and bodies for a large number of companies and individuals.
  • To pursue arbitration cases of all kinds and in cooperation with a number of law firms inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • To translate contracts and to provide legal data and statistics, etc. in all fields.

Advocate Riad Adel Ahmad Al-Shakaa

Founder and CEO
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